Social & urban studies

Our research spans statistical applications in a multitude of aspects of social, economic and physical change in cities and communities.


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Social and Urban Studies - Example Research Projects

Our group has an active PhD student community, and every year we admit new PhD students. We welcome applications from across the world. Further information can be found here.


Regular seminars relevant to the group are held as part of the Statistics seminar series. The seminars cover various aspects across the AI3 initiative and usually span multiple groups. You can find more information on the Statistics seminar series page, where you can also subscribe to the seminar series calendar.

Research within the Social and Urban Studies group spans many aspects of social, economic and physical change in cities and communities, including, for example, governance, health, housing, social and health inequalities, planning, and transport. Researchers' particular interests include disease mapping, social network analysis, spatial areal boundary detection, forensic classification and evidence evaluation, modelling linguistic changes over time, and household air pollution assessment, among others.