Archaeology in the media

Links to Archaeology as represented in newspapers and television stories from around the world.

BBC Archaeology
The BBC Archaeology page associated with the various TV programmes on the subject. Includes sections on excavations, battlefield archaeology, marine archaeology, metal detecting, and a range of other resources including radiocarbon dating, build your own Iron Age chariot, and last but not least, the Hunt the Ancestor game ... There's also an archaeology news feed for stories carried by the BBC although it's rather prone to rogue hits!

BBC Chronicle
Chronicle was a successful BBC television series which ran for over 25 years, and a sample of programmes has been released through the BBC archive which has a great search facility which cover programmes first broadcast between 1966 and 1989. Don Henson welcomed the release of these programmes with a short article 'Chronicle: a glimpse of TV heaven' ...

Indiana Jones
The successful movie franchise with its charismatic archaeologist returned to mixed reactions ... the New Scientist carries an article assessing its impact on the subject, while the Archaeological Institute of America has elected the actor Harrison Ford as a Trustee on its Board of Directors because of the role he has played in stimulating public interest in archaeology ... Prof. Claire Smith (President of the World Archaeological Congress) discusses the flawed hero that is Indiana Jones.

The BBC's Horizon programme often carries Archaeology/Anthropology stories. Includes programmes on Zeugma, Pompeii, marine archaeology and frozen ancient bodies. Extensive programme archives back to 1996 are available by series or by year.

Time Team
A collection of links to the hugely successful Channel 4 archaeology programme, together with some links to discussions of aspects of the relationship between archaeology and television.

Two Men in a Trench
A TV series about Battlefield Archaeology starring two former Glasgow archaeology students (one of whom is still here!). They put the "phwoar into fortification", to borrow a phrase from a BBC continuity announcer. "Archaeology is the new cooking" went the TV company's publicity blurb ... More seriously, though, the series focussed on the archaeological study of battlefields.

Time Flyers
Another BBC archaeology programme, this time focussing on what can be revealed through aerial archaeology.

Extreme Archaeology
A series on Channel 4 in which archaeology was "taken to the edge as a team of experts tackles sites across the country that are beyond the reach of normal investigations". They dangled over cliffs, hung from ropes over rivers, risked life and limb in caves ... but critics were less than enthused on the whole. Channel 4 have even expunged it from their website ...

Archaeology Briefs
Archaeological news culled from around the world, and updated on a regular basis by Nancy B. Unfortunately, she doesn't link to the original news stories.

Anthropology in the News
Links via a newsfeed at Texas A&M Anthropology Department to anthropology and archaeology news stories published on the web by ABC, CNN, USA Today, Washington Post, Nando, Archaeology, university press releases and other sources. Note that some sites (such as the New York Times) require you to register before you can access their news stories.

A weekly newsletter produced by David Meadows drawing together news from on-line and magazine sources about the ancient world.

The Daily Telegraph
The Telegraph often has archaeology stories and their search facility is quite effective as these things go - and, unlike the Times, is still free to access ...

The Guardian
The Guardian and The Observer frequently cover archaeology-related stories, and there's a search facility that usefully gives a summary of the articles found, plus an archive search going back to 1998 ...

Archaeology blogs etc.
And finally, a host of links to newsfeeds, blogs, pictures, videos etc. about archaeology ...