Information Studies Research Students

Current PhD students

Ahmed ALSHANQITI Digital Waqf libraries in the two holy cities of Mecca and Medina and their user services
Gerard BRADY Transhumanism and the Transformation of Phenomenological Structures In the Art of Boxing
Christopher CASSELLS The politics of digital communication
Amy CURRIE From the Magnetic Tapes to MP3s: Sound Materials in Libraries, Archives and Museums
Sarah GAMBELL The tactical value of digitisation in restitution and cultural heritage management
Maribel HIDALGO URBANEJA Towards a definition of digital narratives in art museums: Exhibiting and publishing on the web
Iraklis IOANNIDIS "Altruism, 'altruism' and Suffering and ethical behavior" - Ethics, Phenomenology of altruism
Christopher LOUGHNANE UMWELT: An Ethological Approach to the Physical and the Digital
Adele REDHEAD Identify and imagery and their relation to concepts of recordness in the Christian Church in Scotland
Lynn VERSCHUREN Multisensory interpretation in museum displays
Lertchai WASANANIKORNKULCHAICL Authenticity of stored materials in digital preservation system: a case study on LOCKSS

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Recently awarded PhDs in Information Studies

Matthew BARR (2017) Learning by accident: what have commercial video games taught the gaming generation

Wachiraporn KLUNGTHANABOON (2015) Stakeholder Participation in Metadata Management of University-based Institutional Repositories in Thailand 

Delaina SEPKO (2015) Curating Music Curation 

Will YOUNG(2014) From hobby to necessity: the practice of genealogy in the Third Reich 

Louise CAMERON (2012) Time, truth and accountability in information control and dissemination

Rory CRUTCHFIELD (2012) 'I saw America changed through music': An examination of the American collecting tradition

Paul LIHOMA (2012) The impact of administrative change on record keeping in Malawi

David MACKNET (2012) Decisions to delete: subjectivity in information deletion and retention

Anthony ROSS (2012) Correspondents theory 1800/2000: philosophical reflections upon epistolary technics and praxis in the analogue and digital

Craig GAULD (2010) The fantasy of the corroborative and transformative archive: the authority of archival beginnings

James GIRDWOOD (2010) A hermeneutics of the ontology of time and technology

Hannah LITTLE (2010) Genealogy as theatre of self-identity: a study of genealogy as a cultural practice within Britain since c. 1850

Mat Isa AZMAN (2009) Records management and the accountability of governance

Leonidas KONSTANTELOS (2009) Digital art in digital libraries: a study of user-oriented information retrieval

For more, select PhD dissertations going back to 1986 are now available online through the Glasgow Theses Service of the University of Glasgow Library.