Aimee Fletcher

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Research title: Autism in Museums: Co-Creation Strategies for Making Museums

Research Summary


Autism in Museums: Co-Creation Strategies for Making Museums Autism-Accessible


Short summary:

This thesis investigates how museums can become autism-accessible. In recent years, with the increase in autistic people being diagnosed across the world and an increasing focus within the cultural heritage sector to become more inclusive in its accessibility provision, it is clear that increasing accessibility for autistic visitors is a natural next step in museum development. However, to date, the focus on making “autism-friendly” museums in practice and in existing literature has tended to focus on children and not included autistic people in the planning or evaluation stages. Led by an autistic researcher, this project is about including autistic people in research that could result in sectoral change.

Through the use of emancipatory practice, actively involving autistic adults, this study aims to identify and address currently existing barriers to museum visiting by asking autistic people for their input and using these experiences to shape future resources. The data gathered through surveys, focus groups and interviews will be used in order to develop responses that can be put in place within museums. 



  • To investigate the needs of autistic visitors to Scottish museums and cultural
    heritage institutions.
  • To conduct research that puts autistic people and their needs at the forefront of the project.
  • To identify the barriers to museum visiting for autistic people.
  • To address the barriers identified by developing evidence based resources and events.
  • To create guidance for how to address the needs of autistic and neurodivergent visitors to museums.
  • To support museum professionals to implement the guidance


Lord Kelvin and Adam Smith (LKAS) Studentship (2020-2024)


Information Studies Symposium (December 2020)- "Digital Data Collection: The Potential for Greater Accessibility?"

Additional Information

Research interests include:

  • Accessibility
  • Autism
  • Museum learning and engagement
  • Co-production and empowerment practices
  • Disability studies


Previous study: MSc Museum Studies (Distinction), Ma(hons) Economic and Social History (2:1).