Kenneth Atuma

Research title: Record keeping and accountability in the Nigerian public sector: user perspective

Research Summary

This research explores the reaction and understanding of the key stakeholders (auditors, parliamentarians, anti- corruption agencies and the judiciary) within the recordkeeping functions in Nigeria as it regards to recordkeeping practise and Accountability within the Public Sector in Nigeria.

This research focuses on improving the functionalities of the key stakeholders in the record keeping functions within the Nigeria public sector, to guarantee proper accountability by public office holders, improve service delivery and promote good governance in Nigeria, through 'designing and implementing recordkeeping systems'(DIRKS).

This project will investigate the registry offices and departments of Audits, parliaments, Judiciaries, Anti-corruption Agencies selected across Nigeria, to examine the nature of the record-keeping systems to identify the lacuna which exist in the system and equally seek their reactions and opinion on how to improve the system.