Relationships In Good Hands Trial
Clinical and cost effectiveness of Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy for abused and neglected young children with maltreatment-associated problems and their parents.

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RIGHT Overview

Why is it wise to Randomise?

Thoughts from an adoptive parent

Interview with an adoptive parent

Why adoptive parents are great research partners - Adoption UK webinar 

The Adoption & Fostering Podcast - 12.9.23.  Conversation with Professor Helen Minnis and Fiona Lettice about DDP generally and consider the specific questions that the study is looking at.  Can DDP improve the mental health of 5-12 year old fostered and adopted children?  Is DDP worth the committment families need to give to it, and the extra cost to the services that deliver it? The RIGHT Trial is looking to determine the effectiveness of DDP versus other appropriate treatment offered to children experiencing difficulites related to early years trauma, and how care pathways can be improved.  

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