Our executive group

Photo of level 1 of Clarice Pears building, University of Glasgow, with welcome sign clearly visible

Head of School 

Jill Pell 

Deputy Head of School 

Kate O'Donnell 

Head of Professional Services

Asha Costigan

Director of Education

Julie Langan Martin

Director of Research

Kathleen Boyd

Director of Innovation, Engagement and Enterprise

Sara Macdonald

PGR convenors

Andrew Gumley 
Emma McIntosh

ECR representatives

Frederick Ho 
Maria Truesdale

Equality, diversity and inclusion representative

Julie Langan Martin

Heads of research units

General Practice and Primary Care
Frances Mair 

Health Economics and Health Technology Assessment
Olivia Wu 

Mental Health and Wellbeing 
Rory O'Connor 

MRC/CSO Social and Public Health Sciences Unit 
Laurence Moore  

Public Health
Daniel Mackay 

Robertson Centre for Biostatistics 
John Petrie

Social Scientists in Health
Cindy Gray 

Research theme leads

Data science 
Jim Lewsey  

Determinants of Health and Health Inequalities 
David Blane  
Deborah Cairns 

Solutions Focused Research 
Bhautesh Jani

International lead

Vittal Katikireddi

Research management

Debbi Macmillan

Finance business partner

John Richmond

Human resources business partner

Shelley Hunt


Audrey Dickie