Failure Analysis & Process Optimisation

‎ISAAC is experienced in assisting companies across a variety of industries, from medical devices to aircraft engine maintenance to pump manufacturers, to detect, examine, and characterise product failures. ISAAC can analyse a range of conditions that include corrosion, structural defects, and biofouling. As equipment downtime can lead to loss of production, operational inefficiencies, energy losses, poor quality, product contamination, decreased revenues, and higher costs, the rapid and reliable customer response available from ISAAC is paramount.

Similarly, ISAAC can also offer detailed step-by-step examination and analysis that enables customers in diverse industries, such as food & drink and mining, to improve their production processes for increased yields, greater efficiencies, better quality, lower costs, and higher margins. By measuring, evaluating, and comparing results for various parameters under different operating conditions, recommendations for best practice can be made. These studies may be conducted in collaboration with academics from the University of Glasgow, such as from the College of Science and Engineering (SE) or the College of Medical, Veterinary and Life Sciences (MVLS).