Characterisation and Imaging Services for Industry

Characterisation to the Nano Scale

With systematic analysis at the micro and nano scale now accelerating innovation across all industrial sectors, the benefits of robust measurement and characterisation for organisations commercialising products and processes have become substantial. The application of metrology can save development time and costs, allow faster introduction of new products to market, and improve quality and performance. The Imaging Spectroscopy and Analysis Centre (ISAAC), in the School of Geographical and Earth Sciences (GES) at the University of Glasgow, helps industrial customers to meet their challenges by offering easy access to sophisticated and affordable characterisation and analyses.

Service Offering

ISAAC has state-of-the-art instrumentation capable of providing advanced material imaging to a micro and nano scale along with chemical and molecular characterisation. Established in 2010, and located in the Gregory Building on the University’s Gilmorehill Campus, ISAAC was created to offer analyses to academia in support of research and to industrial clients. Leveraging the scientific and technical expertise of one of the UK's leading research universities, ISAAC is uniquely positioned to deliver high quality, client-focused, and insightful analytical and interpretative solutions at each stage of the product life cycle. With ISAAC's single-point access, customers will receive a professional service, whether for rapid turnaround analysis or an in-depth, multi-technique investigation.

Competitive Advantage

ISAAC has particular expertise in areas as diverse as the life sciences, engineering, environmental and geotechnical, and heritage science. It has assisted industrial customers and publicly-funded organisations with failure analysis, identifying contamination, process optimisation and waste reduction, performance improvements, design innovation, and informing policy and strategic decisions (for example, preservation and conservation). By enabling its clients to better understand their products and processes, ISAAC delivers a clear competitive advantage.

Mission Statement

ISAAC aspires to be a UK leader in the delivery of client-focused, premium quality analytical and imaging solutions to industry, the public sector, and academia in support of product and process innovation and improvement, policy decision-making, and research excellence.

Full details can be found in the ISAAC Brochure.