Industry Sectors

GEMS provides world-leading measurement, characterisation, and analytical services across multiple industry sectors, enabling companies to innovate in design, optimise product quality and performance, reduce costs, and maximise competitive advantage. Clients benefit from single-point access to a range of state-of-the-art metrology instrumentation and techniques, delivered at a high level of accuracy and information, and supported by the knowledge and expertise on offer from the University of Glasgow. Among the key industry sectors and applications that GEMS serve are:

Failure Analysis and Process Optimisation

‎GEMS is experienced in assisting companies across a variety of industries, from medical devices to aircraft engine maintenance to pump manufacturers, to detect, examine, and characterise product failures. 

Environmental & Geotechnical

‎GES's experience and knowledge, combined with ISAAC's ability to provide complete characterisation and analysis of sandstone porosity and permeability, enable the University of Glasgow to offer expert advice to clients about groundwater aquifers and deep subsurface hydrocarbon reservoirs.

Life Sciences

In the ever-expanding life sciences field, GEMS is playing an increasingly important role, particularly in the support it can offer for the development of medical devices and diagnostics.

Heritage Science

GEMS can examine and advise on paintings, textiles, pottery, bones, historical artefacts, building materials, and rocks and minerals.