Heritage Science

ISAAC can examine and advise on paintings, textiles, pottery, bones, historical artefacts, building materials, and rocks and minerals.

Combining the School of Geographical and Earth Sciences’ (GES) experience and knowledge with ISAAC’s ability to provide complete characterisation and analysis of sandstone mineralogy, enables the University to offer sound advice to cultural heritage organisations about the effects of climate change and other environmental factors on historic buildings that can inform their conservation decisions and policies. Treatment for weathering and replacement stone matching are just two of the issues that must be faced when maintaining historic buildings.

Technical art history is a rapidly growing heritage and conservation area in which science is playing an increasing role. The Technical Art History (TAH) Group, in the School for Culture and Creative Arts (CCA), and ISAAC are allying scientific analysis with expert interpretation to develop critical new insights into historical painting techniques and materials that support conservation activities and authentication. The University of Glasgow will offer this specialist service to cultural heritage organisations, museums, art galleries, and auction houses across Scotland, the UK, and abroad.