David Featherstone (Human Geography, GU), Vassiliki Kolocotroni (English Literature, GU)


Tom Bartlett (English Language and Linguistics, GU): Systemic Functional Linguistics, Functional Grammar, Interactional Sociolinguistics, Scottish Gaelic, Community Management, Discourses of Sustainability, Linguistic Anthropology, Critical Discourse Analysis, Discourse Theory

Alex Benchimol (English Literature, GU): periodical history; eco-criticism; history of radicalism

Maud Bracke (History, GU): 20th-century European social and political history; transnational feminism; oral history

Adam Cumbers (Business School, GU): economic geography; urban and regional development; public ownership; economic democracy, employment relations

Neil Davidson (Sociology, GU): nationalism (with special reference to Scotland), neoliberalism, sociology of revolution, uneven and combined development, contemporary class structure, far-right parties and movements

Maria-Daniella Dick (English Literature, GU): Network theory; literature and technology; narratives of capitalism; interdisciplinarity; formalism

Bridget Fowler (Sociology, GU Emerita): sociology of culture, Marxist-feminist thought and social theory

Corey Gibson (Scottish Literature, GU): modern and contemporary Scottish poetry and fiction, radical theory, Marxist thought, folk culture, nationhood and nationalism, literatures of work, modernism

Robert Gibb (Sociology, GU): asylum, refugees and migration; contemporary social theory; translation, interpretation and transcription

Willy Maley (English Literature, GU): postcolonialism; Scottish and Irish studies

Alexander Marshall (History, GU): Russian/Soviet military and political history; the Caucasus and Central Asia; nineteenth and twentieth century Afghanistan; counter-insurgency and revolutionary war; drug smuggling and Marxist political economy

Simon Murray (Theatre Studies, GU): politics and regimes of actor and performer training; the pedagogies of Jacques Lecoq and Philippe Gaulier; contemporary performance practices and dramaturgies; ruins/ruination and theatre

Andrew Smith (Sociology, GU): ethnicity; racism; cultural sociology (sport, literature, film); empire; postcolonialism

Hillel Ticktin, (Social and Political Sciences, GU Emeritus): Marxist theory and economics; editor of Critique

Vladimir Unkovski-Korica (Central and East European Studies, GU): Yugoslav and Balkan history, Communism, international history of the Cold War, the European Left, uneven and combined development, nationalism and federalism

Satnam Virdee (Sociology, GU): racism and ethnicity; class and stratification; social movements and the sociology of collective action; historical sociology; historical materialism as theory and method

Rhys Williams (English Literature, GU): Science Fiction, Fantasy, the Weird, Genre Theory, Utopianism, Radical Politics, Energy Humanities, Environmental Humanities, Radical Pedagogy


Associate members

Yassamine Mather (Advanced Research Computing, University of Oxford)
Christine Cooper (Accounting & Finance, University of Edinburgh)
Mick Cox (London School of Economics)
John Holloway (Instituto de Ciencias Sociales y Humanidades in the Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla, Mexico)
Peter Kennedy (Sociology, Glasgow Caledonian University)
Mike Macnair(Oxford University)
Phil Taylor (University of Strathclyde Business School)