Founded in 1981, the Study of Socialist Theory and Movements Network (formerly the Centre for the Study of Socialist Theory and Movements) is a unique interdisciplinary forum for debate and critical engagement with the traditions, legacies and ongoing concerns of socialist theory and praxis. Drawing on the multi-faceted specialisms and interests of its members, it aims to provide the opportunity for sharing ideas, airing new research and supporting the study of socialist theory and movements by current and prospective scholars. Study under the auspices of the Centre benefits from the University Library's significant special collections of relevant material and the city's vibrant communities, museums and civic archives.

Our regular seminar series, teach-ins and conferences act as a focus for cooperative research for both staff and students and feature visiting and Glasgow-based speakers. Interdisciplinary by nature, it covers the fields of history, political science, political economy, economics, literature, film, theatre and performance. The seminars and events are open to the public. Our PhD students have written on a rich variety of topics, including Ricardo and Marx, Analytical Marxism, the political economy of finance capital, the nature of gold in relation to South Africa. We welcome all applications for research on any aspect of socialist theory and movements. For further information, contact  Vassiliki Kolocotroni and David Featherstone