A sample of the resources to be included in the Enroller portal include the following from our collaborators:

The Historical Thesaurus of English – the world’s largest thesaurus and the only historical thesaurus in any language, the HTE contains almost every word in English from Old English to the present, arranged according to their meaning.

The Dictionary of the Scots Language (Dictionar o the Scots Leid) – Scottish Language Dictionaries provide the two main dictionaries of Scots, the Dictionary of the Older Scottish Tongue and the Scottish National Dictionary, providing a comprehensive history of Scots language and culture taken from over six thousand sources.

The Newcastle Electronic Corpus of Tyneside English – a diachronic corpus of dialect speech from North-East England, from the 1960s and 1990s , available as digitised audio and transcriptions.

The Scottish Corpus of Texts and Speech – the largest corpus of Scots and Scottish English in the world, SCOTS consists of 4 million words of running texts, 80 % written and 20 % recorded video/audio with transcriptions.

The Corpus of Modern Scottish Writing – in progress, and complimenting SCOTS by covering the period 1700-1945, CMSW is a digitised corpus of scanned texts and searchable transcriptions of written texts and written records of speech.

The Oxford English Dictionary – the accepted authority on the evolution of the English language over the last millennium, providing the meaning, history, origins and pronunciation of over half a million words through 2.5 million quotations.

Further resources to be included in the repository range from collections of letters, monastic records, and the Thesaurus of Old English, to specialised text collections, the Middle English grammar database, and audio recordings of speakers in island communities. The project has also been in close contact with VARIENG in Helsinki and is currently working to include the Helsinki Corpus of English Texts within Enroller.