Network of Scholars

The Enroller Project is grateful to the following language and literature researchers who form the project's Network of Scholars (NoS). In addition to supporting Enroller, attending colloquia and providing data (dictionaries, thesauri, corpora), the NoS have an active input into the development of the Enroller portal over the course of the project.


The university tower in autumnJuulia Ahvensalmi, University of Glasgow
Dr Wendy Anderson, University of Glasgow
Dr Dawn Archer, University of Central Lancashire
Dr Jenny Bann, University of Glasgow
Dave Beavan, University of Glasgow
Susan Bell, University of Glasgow
Dr Peter Bell, Scottish Language Dictionaries
Ellen Bramwell, University of Glasgow
Dr Joanna Bugaj, Adam Mickiewicz University
Coral Calvo Maturana, Universidad de Granada
Graeme Cannon, University of Glasgow
Dr Gerard Carruthers, University of Glasgow
Prof. Thomas Clancy, University of Glasgow
Prof. John Corbett, University of Glasgow
Prof. Karen Corrigan, University of Newcastle
Prof. Marina Dossena, Universita' degli Studi di Bergamo
Dr Fiona Douglas, University of Leeds
Flora Edmonds, University of Glasgow
Anne Ferguson, Scottish Language Dictionaries
Dr Lee Gillam, University of Surrey
Dr Alison Grant, Scottish Language Dictionaries
Dr Matthew Hammond, University of Glasgow
Prof. Carole Hough, University of Glasgow
Dr Paul Johnston, Western Michigan University
Samuli Kaislaniemi, University of Helsinki
Prof. Christian Kay, University of Glasgow
Mike Kestemont, University of Antwerpen
Dr Aonghas MacCoinnich, University of Glasgow
Martti Mäkinen, University of Stavanger
Imogen Marcus, University of Glasgow
Prof. Kevin McCafferty, University of Bergen
Dr James McCracken, OED, Oxford University Press
Prof. Anne McDermott, University of Birmingham
Marie McLaughlin, University of Glasgow
Dr Anneli Meurman-Solin, University of Helsinki
Stephen Miller, Centre for Cultural Research, Sonnenfelsgasse, Wien
Hermann Moisl, University of Newcastle
Prof. Tertuu Nevalainen, University of Helsinki
Prof. Roibeard O' Maolalaigh, University of Glasgow
Prof. Lisa Lena Opas-Hanninen, University of Oulu
Lorna Pike, Faclair na Gàidhlig
Prof. Andrew Prescott, University of Glasgow
Dr Paul Rayson, Lancaster University 
Dr David Reid, University of Sterling
Prof. Jane Roberts, Institute of English Studies, King's College London
Will Robertson, Faclair ùr Gàidhlig gu Beurla, Beurla gu Gàidhlig le Dwelly 'na Bhroinn
Dr Christine Robinson, Scottish Language Dictionaries
Dr Jennifer Smith, University of Glasgow
Prof. Jeremy J. Smith, University of Glasgow
Pauline Speitel, Scottish Language Dictionaries
Dr Merja Stenroos, University of Stavanger
Dr Andrew Struan, University of Virginia
Irma Taavitsainen, University of Helsinki
Dr Johann Unger, Lancaster University
Dr Briony Williams, University of Wales at Bangor
Martin Wynne, Oxford Text Archive, Oxford University