The Enroller project team consists of:

Jean Anderson , Principal Investigator and Director
Jean Anderson is Resource Development Officer for the School of English and Scottish Language and Literature and a member of the Humanities Advanced Technology and Information Institute at the University of Glasgow. She lectures in Literary and Linguistic Computing and in Humanities Computing.

Professor Richard Sinnott, Co-Investigator and Co-Director
Professor Sinnott is the Technical Director of the National e-Science Centre at the University of Glasgow. Professor Sinnott’s current research is focused around Grid computing and its application to solve e-Research problems across a variety of research areas with specific focus on security.

Marc Alexander, Research Assistant, Linguistics
(2009 - May 2011)
Marc was Enroller's linguistics Research Assistant from 2009 - May 2011. The majority of his research focuses on the cognitive manipulation of readers in narratives, while his Ph.D. examines the semantics and cognitive stylistics of scientific popularisations. He has worked with the Historical Thesaurus of English for four years and is currently researching its use in semantic and lexicological studies. His research was supported by the AHRC and the Carnegie Trust for the Universities of Scotland.

Johanna Green, Research Assistant, Humanities (previously Research Project Assistant, 2009 - May 2011)
Johanna is currently Enroller's Research Assistant. She is also completing her Ph.D. in the Department of English Language at the University of Glasgow where she is preparing a critical edition of the Exeter Book's Judgement Day I and Resignation A and B for her doctoral thesis. She previously worked as a Thesaurus Assistant with the Historical Thesaurus of English for four years where she was involved in editing Social Class/Rank and Physical Sensibility. Her research interests include: eschatology and the parousia in medieval art and literature; Old and Middle English language and literature; manuscript studies and editing; book history; historical semantics; humanities computing.

Mohammed Sulman Sarwar, Research Associate, National e-Science Centre
Muhammad Sulman Sarwar (Sulman) is Enroller's Research Associate at the UK National e-Science Centre (NeSC). He has previously worked for Carrier Telephone Industries Pvt. Ltd., KPSoft Ltd. and ITI Life Sciences as a Developer and Software Engineer. He holds a MSc in High Performance Computing from University of Edinburgh and a MSc in Computer Sciences from Quaid-i-Azam University, Pakistan. His interests are HPC, Grid computing, Parallel and Distributed software development, Information Retrieval and related technologies.

Marie-Therese McLaughlin, Colloquium Assistant, 2010

Avinash Kalyanaraman Summer Research Student, 2009


We are also grateful to our Network of Scholars, who are committed to using the portal and have expressed their commitment and support of the project. Many of this Network are also part of the ENROLLER Steering Committee.