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2011 News and Events

Enroller at the Helsinki Corpus Festival, September 2011

Enroller is pleased to have been accepted to speak at the Helsinki Corpus Festival in September, 2011. Marc Alexander and Johanna Green will be giving a joint paper: '"Some Figures monstrous and mis-shap'd appear": Some Issues with Integrating Historical Corpora'. Further details will appear on our blog, as always, and we'll be tweeting as we go at the conference, so do make sure to follow us!

Enroller at Digital Humanities, 2011

Enroller was represented at this year's Digital Humanities conference at Stanford University, CA, where Marc Alexander presented on behalf of the team.

For information on our paper and details of our trip, please see our blog; to catch up on all our mid-conference tweets, find us on Twitter: @enrollerproject

JISC Funds Two New Partner Projects:
Parliamentary Discourse and
Scottish Words and Place-names

Parliamentary Discourse and Scottish Words and Place-names are Enroller's two new JISC-funded sister projects! Both are six-month projects and will run until the beginning of the new academic year; the data from each will then be included within Enroller.

The Parliamentary Discourse project (ParlDisc) will enhance and enrich data from two hundred years of the UK Parliament in order to expose it to a wider audience, both within Higher Education and to the general public. The project is a collaboration between Enroller and two further partners: the General Architecture for Text Engineering (GATE) at the University of Sheffield, and the UCREL centre for language processing research at Lancaster University. To find out more, please visit the Parliamentary Discourse website, follow @ParlDisc on Twitter, or keep up to date with the project's blog. To view a video presentation about the project from Enroller's spring colloquium, please click the following link:

Professor Christian Kay, University of Glasgow and Dr Andrew Struan, International Centre for Jefferson Studies, Monticello / University of Glasgow: 'Unrolling the Historical Thesaurus of the Oxford English Dictionary and The Discourse of Integrity in British Politics'

Scottish Words and Place-names (SWAP) aims to engage the public in talking about the Scots words that they use and hear around them. The results of the SWAP project will add to the word collections of the Scottish Language Dictionaries and help form new dictionaries of the Scots language. They will also contribute to knowledge of Scots place-names; the information gathered will be used to populate a comprehensive glossary of Scots place-name elements and to supplement the dictionary-based research which was used to create it. For further information, or to contribute your own Scots words, please visit the SWAP website or follow @Scotswap on Twitter! To view a video presentation about the project from Enroller's spring colloquium, please click the following link:

Professor Carole Hough, University of Glasgow: 'Scottish Words and Place-names'

Enroller's Spring Colloquium

Enroller welcomed over 40 international language and literature researchers to its second colloquium, held at the University of Glasgow on February 25th and 26th, 2011.

For further details, a programme of events, and to listen again to presentations from the projects data providers and collaborators, please choose 'Colloquia' from the list to the left and select '2011 Colloquium' from the drop-down menu.


UK Network Initiative Meeting, University of Glasgow,
24th February, 2011

Enroller was pleased to host the second meeting of a new UK Network Initiative, held at the University of Glasgow on the afternoon of Thursday 24th February.

The initiative intends to promote the development and use of shared service in the language sciences, in relation to the CLARIN initiative in particular. If you are interested in becoming involved in the network, or would like to find out more, please contact Enroller's Principal Investigator, Jean Anderson.


2010 News and Events


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Conference Attendance, 2010

Enroller has presented at the following conferences during 2010:


Marc Alexander, Humanities R.A.:

'Historical Language and Cultural Identity' (with Andrew Struan, Fellow of the International Centre for Jefferson Studies, University of Virginia), Bonds and Borders: Identity, Imagination, Transformation. Glasgow, June 2010.

'Colour in the Historical Thesaurus of the Oxford English Dictionary' (with Prof. Christian Kay), The Fifth International Conference on Historical Lexicography and Lexicology. Oxford, June 2010.

'Conceptual Metaphor and Physical Sensibility in the Historical Thesaurus of the Oxford English Dictionary' (with Prof. Christian Kay), Third UK Cognitive Linguistics Conference. Hertfordshire, July 2010.

'My body part verbed: transitivity analysis, Enroller and the Historical Thesaurus of English'. Poetics and Linguistics Association: The Language of Landscapes. Genoa, Italy, July 2010.

Jean Anderson, P.I.:

'Enroller' Universitas 21 Digital Humanities Conference: Cultural Heritage and Technology. Birmingham, UK, September 2010.

Sulman Sarwar, eScience R.A.:

'Towards a Virtual Research Environment for Language and Literature Researchers' eScience 2010. Brisbane, Australia, December 2010.