Mr Andrew Monaghan

  • Technician (School of Chemistry)

telephone: 01413308609

Chemistry, Joseph Black Building, Glasgow G12 8QQ


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Akram, H., Monaghan, A. and Jackson, S. D. (2016) Comparison of C═C bond hydrogenation in C-4 unsaturated nitriles over Pt/alumina. Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research, 55(7), pp. 1843-1848. (doi: 10.1021/acs.iecr.5b04047)


Begley, L.C., Kakanskas, K.J., Monaghan, A. and Jackson, S.D. (2012) Effect of molecular structure on the hydrogenation and isomerisation of propenylbenzene isomers. Catalysis Science and Technology, 2(6), p. 1287. (doi: 10.1039/C2CY20105D)


Garcia, P.E., Lynch, A.S., Monaghan, A. and Jackson, S.D. (2011) Using modifiers to specify stereochemistry and enhance selectivity and activity in palladium-catalysed, liquid phase hydrogenation of alkynes. Catalysis Today, 164(1), pp. 548-551. (doi: 10.1016/j.cattod.2010.10.012)


Sushil, S. et al. (2010) Carbon deposition and phase transformations in red mud on exposure to methane. Journal of Hazardous Materials, 180(1-3), pp. 409-418. (doi: 10.1016/j.jhazmat.2010.04.046)


Balakrishnan, M., Batra, V.S., Hargreaves, J.S.J. , Monaghan, A., Pulford, I.D., Rico Cerda, J.L. and Sushil, S. (2009) Hydrogen production from methane in the presence of red mud - making mud magnetic. Green Chemistry, 11, pp. 42-47. (doi: 10.1039/b815834g)

Canning, A. S., Jackson, S. D. , Monaghan, A., Spence, R. R. and Wright, T. (2009) A "Trans-Effect" in Carbon Double-Bond Hydrogenation. Catalysis of Organic Reactions, 123, pp. 99-102.

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Fell, V., Kanibolotskyy, O., Tweedie, J., Ubbara, G. R., Monaghan, A. and Keating, P. (2022) Novel chalcogen-rich materials for organic field-effect transistors and energy conversion applications. [Data Collection]

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