Article in Chemistry World

Published: 16 February 2023

At the interface of science and the humanities

recent article in Chemistry World, the Royal Society of Chemistry magazine, highlights the collaborative and interdisciplinary nature of our work in heritage science at the Kelvin Centre.

Featuring the work of Professor Anita Quye, the article explains the role of analytical chemistry in her research into museum textiles to 'uncover their history and inform their preservation.'

Researchers from the Kelvin Centre in the lab examining historical dyes in a textile sample

Professor Quye with PhD students, Charlene Jordan (left) and Katie McClure (right), at work in the lab examining a textile

In particular, the focus of this article is on Anita's research into traditional Scottish tartans. Chemical analysis of tartan textiles questions our cultural perceptions of 18th century Scotland by identifying the use of an expensive dye, cochineal, in these textiles.

This is just one illustration of the important role played by heritage science in connecting people to their cultures.

First published: 16 February 2023