MPhil in Textile Conservation Dissertation Abstracts

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Please bear in mind that the dissertations were submitted as assignments, as part of the MPhil Textile Conservation programme.

The complete hard copy of the dissertation may be consulted at the Centre for Textile Conservation, University of Glasgow. Please contact Karen Thompson (

You can also read the abstracts for all the dissertations listed below:

MPhil Textile Conservation Dissertation Abstracts 2010-17 (Word document, 74 KB)


(These dissertations will be available online from September 2018.)

  • Antonowicz-Behnan, Ruby: A Preliminary Investigation into the Use of Wet Cleaning Treatments for the Conservation of Pacific Island Barkcloth
  • Knight, Elizabeth: An Investigation of Alternative Reducing Agents to Sodium Dithionite for Solubilising Rust Stains on Cotton
  • Macken, Aisling: A preliminary investigation into the effect of solvent vapour on ingrained textile soiling.
  • Miller, Keira, Lauren Ahmed: Materials Maketh the Mannequin: An Investigation into the Material Properties of Papier-Mâché Torsos for Conservation Mounting
  • Nuttall, Rosie: A Sticky Subject: An Evaluation of Past Adhesive Treatments on 19th Century Costume
  • O’Daly, Bevan: Exploring Supplementary Methods for the Conservation of Lace
  • Rowley, Lorna: Characterisation of previous repair techniques on painted banners and evaluation of the different approaches to remediate them
  • Prelle Ros de Souza, Cristina: Pattern Books: A textile and paper affair