Miss Nicola Williams

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Hocking, L. J. et al. (2023) Genome sequencing with gene panel-based analysis for rare inherited conditions in a publicly funded healthcare system: implications for future testing. European Journal of Human Genetics, 31(2), pp. 231-238. (doi: 10.1038/s41431-022-01226-3) (PMID:36474026) (PMCID:PMC9905562)


Kaplanis, J. et al. (2020) Evidence for 28 genetic disorders discovered by combining healthcare and research data. Nature, 586(7831), pp. 757-762. (doi: 10.1038/s41586-020-2832-5) (PMID:33057194)

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Ross, K., Keith, N. , Aitchison, I., Allbutt, E., Banks, E., Basra, S., Bilsland, A., Charalambous, A., Chapal, C., Drummond, M., Dunipace, S., Erridge, A., Fremin-Besombes, M., Glasspool, R., Hamilton, V., Hanna, C. , Herfurth, L., Humpleby, M., Hush, G., Ivanova, Y., Jones, R. , Kaleta-Pyrek, A., Kalt, L., Kantor, M., Karolak, G., Keith, A., Klink, S., Laing, B., Lister, A., Mallon, E., Mccann, E., McLaughlin, R., Merchant, Z., Mozel, A., Mrozek, O., Painter, C., Paul, J. , Paxton, J., Perry, M. , Prendergast, E., Proudfoot, B., Raina, T., Roberts, F., Safrany, S., Scott, J., Sleight, R., Smith, C., Strain, E., Stricevic, M., Svanera, S., Tobias, E. , Vansteenhouse, H., Williams, N. and Zhang, H. (2019) A collaborative approach to exploring the future of Cancer treatment and care in relation to Precision Medicine: A design perspective. [Data Collection]

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