CRUK RadNet Glasgow Centre

The Cancer Research UK RadNet Radiation Research Centre of Excellence, led by Professor Anthony Chalmerswas established in November 201to create a platform for innovative radiation research in Glasgow. Our aim is to optimise radiotherapy to increase cure rates in patients with five cancers of unmet need: glioblastoma, head and neck, lung, pancreas and rectum. 

We are working in partnership with the wider CRUK RadNet Centre network in the UK to fully realise our ambition of improving radiation research for patients. 

CRUK RadNet Glasgow supports both scientists and clinicians to undertake radiation related research and will build a translational research pipeline by integrating radiation biology into existing projects, obtaining funding for new projects and facilitating preliminary data collection to support new applications. Our multidisciplinary programme encompasses discovery science, preclinical research, imagingbiomarkersclinical radiotherapy research and clinical trials.







We aspire to build on and increase the radiation research expertise in Glasgow and to train the radiation researchers of the future. We will support and facilitate scientists to integrate radiation questions into their research. We will continue to champion our Radiographer-led research programme and will create an influential cohort of clinical researchers who will continue the mission to improve radiotherapy treatment to benefit our patients. 



Director: Prof Anthony Chalmers 

Programme Manager: