Iona Phillips

Published: 17 January 2024

Drawing on years of experience in career development, Iona is dedicated to enriching the employability skills of Management students, through group coaching and targeted professional development activities.

Iona Phillips standing in the cloisters at the University of Glasgow

Hello there! I'm Iona, and I join my colleagues Bruce and Carol as the Student Development Coach for Management students.

Originally from Shetland, I moved to the 'mainland' to study International Business and French. After completing a graduate program in hotel management, I qualified as a Careers Adviser. Before joining this team, I spent eight years as a Career Development Consultant at Edinburgh Napier University's Business School.

I'm passionate about helping students boost their employability skills, whether that's through one-on-one coaching, group sessions, or other professional development activities. My aim is to make you feel more confident in planning your career and better equipped to compete for graduate opportunities. 

I can't wait to work with you, understand your individual needs, and help you navigate the often complex, yet exciting, world of career planning!

First published: 17 January 2024