Strategic Advisory Board

Strategic Advisory Board

The University of Glasgow Adam Smith Business School works closely with its Strategic Advisory Board to ensure the relevance of our business education offering. The Strategic Advisory Board is drawn from a range of international and national public and private sector organisations, and consists of highly influential and successful individuals, including executives from PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, Glasgow Airport, Citi Scotland and several other public and private institutions and government.


Internal members

Anne Anderson Vice Principal and Head of College of Social Sciences
Thomas Anker Head of Subject: Management
Iain Docherty Director of External Engagement 
John Finch Head of Adam Smith Business School
Denis Fischbacher-Smith Director of Research, Adam Smith Business School
John McKernan Head of Subject: Accounting & Finance
Anton Muscatelli Principal
Robert Paton Director of Accreditations and Rankings
Geethanjali Selvaretnam Director of Undergraduate Studies, Adam Smith Business Schoo
Deirdre Shaw Director of Postgraduate Research, Adam Smith Business School
John Tsoukalas Head of Subject: Economics
Evangelos Vagenas-Nanos Director of Graduate Studies, Adam Smith Business School
Helen Young Head of Business School Administration

External members

Roderick Ashley Chief Executive, Airdrie Savings Bank
Anton Colella Chief Executive, Institute of Chartered Accountants Scotland (ICAS)
Nick Kuenssberg OBE Horizon Co-invest
Austin Lally Group CEO, Verisure Holdings/Securitas Direct AB
Suzanne Lamont Global Head of Talent, Standard Life Plc
Afzal Mahmood Director, ChangeOne Consulting
Jim McColl OBE (Chair) Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Clyde Blowers Capital
Amanda McMillan OBE    CEO, AGS Airports Limited
Stuart Patrick Chief Executive, Glasgow Chamber of Commerce
Colin Stewart Managing Director, Citi Scotland
Petra Wetzel Founder, WEST Brewery

The purpose of the Advisory Board is to provide an advisory, ambassadorial, and philanthropic function for the University of Glasgow Adam Smith Business School.


  • Shaping the Future (Market Trends and Opportunities)
  • Programme Content and Delivery
  • Facilitating and Originating Research Opportunities


  • For the School in general
  • For current students and alumni


  • Scholarships
  • Key Initiatives – Pump Priming
  • Sabbatical Support
  • Industry Secondments