Research Furth of Glasgow

Research Furth/Student Placements

‌'Furth' of Glasgow refers to postgraduate research student placements off-campus at other institutions. The University of Glasgow has a responsibility to ensure that there are satisfactory arrangements in place, in terms of facilities, supervision and health and safety, and insurance to cover and support its students while they are on placement.

Most establishments (i.e. institutions/sites) that students are likely to visit will have their own procedures and insurance to cover visitors in the same way as their own staff. However, other establishments, especially those in other countries, may have different standards of risk management and insurance than those the University would expect for the students under its responsibility.

While any short-term or one-off visits away from the University campus by either staff or research students can normally be covered by the University's insurance policy, this cover may not be adequate for placements where a student will be carrying out their research at another institution or site.

Graduate Schools maintain their own list of approved student placement host institutions. You should contact them to check that the institute you wish to visit is already approved by them. If the institute is not already approved, your Graduate School will initiate the review process. You are not prevented from attending the institute before the approval process is complete but you must seek out specific permission from your Graduate School. 

Students whose fieldwork will not be based at an institute or establishment:

The University will provide for postgraduate students undertaking travel on University (thesis-related) business.  Please note that any UK travel involving a flight or an overnight stay, and all international travel must be registered with the insurance team via the University Travel Portal (GUID log-in required). The Travel Process Flowchart helps to explain to process and please find further details via the Business & Study Travel Policy

Please also see any College specific guidance and relevant policies and web pages on the right hand side of this page.