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Stephen Bogle  Ana Cannilla J Adam Carter  Emilios Christodoulidis 
Senior Lecturer in Private Law  Lecturer in Public Law Reader in Philosophy  Chair of Jurisprudence 

Contract theory, private law theory, legal history 

Feminist philosophy, constitutional theory, and philosophy of law

Legal ramifications of extended cognition, legal expertise, the right to an explanation, freedom of thought

Philosophy and sociology of law, constitutional theory, democratic theory, critical legal theory, and transitional justice 


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Ben Colburn  Robert Cowan  Lindsay Farmer  Marco Goldoni
Professor of Political Philosophy  Lecturer in Philosphy  Professor of Law  Senior Lecturer in Legal Theory 

Liberalism, autonomy, state neutrality, and end-of-life law

Ethics, epistemology, philosophy of mind, political philosophy, philosophy of economics

Criminal law, criminalisation, theories of responsibility, historical jurisprudence, markets

Legal and constitutional theory, European constitutional law, comparative constitutional Law, history of constitutionalism, monetary theory and policies 


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 Katharine Jenkins Christoph Kelp  Carl Knight  Stephan Leuenberger 
Lecturer in Philosophy  Senior Lecturer in Philosophy  Senior Lecturer in Political Theory  Professor of Philosophy 

Social ontology, feminist philosophy, critical philosophy of race, gender recognition. 

Knowledge first epistemology, virtue epistemology, understanding

Political philosophy, distributive justice, equality, responsibility

Metaphysics of law, law and logic


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George Pavlakos  Glen Pettigrove  Stephanie Rennick 
Professor of Law and Philosophy   Chair of Moral Philosophy  Research Associate in Philosophy
Philosophy of law, political philosophy, moral philosophy, Kantian ethics, metaphysics, metaethics, philosophy of action Virtue ethics, moral psychology, Scottish Enlightenment 

Philosophy of time travel, causal loops, metaphysics, philosophy of action, foreknowledge


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Mona Simion Joe Slater  Alain Zysset 
Professor of Philosophy  Lecturer in Moral or Political Philosophy  Senior Lecturer in Public Law  

Legal epistemology, social ontology

Normative ethics, applied ethics, juries, recklessness in criminal law

Human rights theory, international legal theory,
​constitutional theory, moral and political theory 

Research students

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Yi-Chia Chiu Ugur Dinc  Laura Fearnley 

Philosophy of Law, political philosophy and moral philosophy

Legal theory and philosophy, social ontology, theory of intersubjectivity, theory of recognition​

Causal and moral responsibility, causation in the law 


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Rachael Mellin  Dario Mortini 

Social ontology, philosophy of Law, metaphysics, metaethics 

Legal epistemology, evidence in the law, ​statistical evidence, proof paradox 

Affiliate members

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Frank Burr Samuele Chivoli Miguel Angel Garcia Godinez Triantafyllos Gkouvas
Faculty of Advocates

Law & Philosophy Postdoctoral Fellow, UCLA

Post Doc

Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México | UNAM · Institute of Philosophical Research


Post-doc Fellow, Faculty of Law, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
Family and Property Law, Philosophy of Law, Early Wittgenstein. Metaphysics, philosophy of law, metaethics, philosophy of language Social ontology, philosophy of law and metaphysics Philosophy of law, classical pragmatism, metaethics, metaphysics, philosophy of action


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Stephan Kramer Ann Luk Morag McDonald Simpson 

 Sally Zhu

Research Associate
Director of the Research Group on Relevance
​(University of Hamburg)

Lecturer in Law, Kent Law School: 

University of Glasgow

Lecturer in Private Law, Sheffield Law School
Logic, metaphysics, formal epistemology, relevance​ Legal theory and philosophy, metaphysics of law Constitutional law, free will and friendship Legal theory, philosophy of law, theory of money, theory of property, and critical theory