The inaugural meeting for the Shared Interest Group on Bacterial Infectious Diseases

 Photo by Mary Ryan. June 2015The Shared Interest Group for Bacterial Infectious Diseases (SIGBID) is interested in multi-disciplinary approaches to understanding bacterial pathogens. The group was launched on June 16th 2015 with a symposium in the Graham Kerr Building of the University of Glasgow to learn more about the kinds of bacteriology research we are collectively involved in and to discuss ways of working together. You can find a timeline of some of the highlights on twitter by searching for #SIGBID.

About the Day

The symposium focussed on the four themes of SIGBID: Epidemiology, Genetics & Genomics, Host-Pathogen Interaction, Anti-Microbials & AMR. Our speakers for the day included:

  • Iain McInnes and Dan Haydon – WelcomeDan Haydon and Iain McInnes present at the SIGBID Symposium June 2015. photos by Mary Ryan
  • Brian Jones, Scottish HLMP Reference Laboratory - NHS diagnostic services and research
  • Sarah Cleaveland – Bacterial zoonoses in Tanzania
  • Rowland Kao – Epidemiological approaches to bacterial phylodynamics
  • Ruth Zadoks – Streptococcus agalactiae: One Health – multiple diseases
  • Robert Davies - Bacterial population genetics as a basis for understanding host-pathogen interactions
  • David GE Smith – Determinants in adaptability
  • Roman Biek – Bacteria as measurably evolving pathogens
  • Paul Everest – Campylobacter - survival, disease and death in the gastrointestinal tract
  • Andy Roe – The importance of host metabolites for bacterial infections
  • Gordon Ramage – Complex microbial communities: oral and systemic  implications
  • Tom Evans - Pneumococcal Infection; Host Immunity and Bacterial Competition
  • Mark Roberts - Envelope stress and antibiotic sensitivity
  • Dan Walker – Species-specific antibiotics
  • Gillian Douce – Combating Infection: Epidemiology, Vaccination and Treatment
  • Louise Matthews –  Diversity and modelling based approaches to understanding the ecology of AMR
  • Dominic Mellor – Bacterial Zoonoses and AMR – ideas and provocative questions

SIGBID Symposium Final Programme


SIGBID is led by Professors Ruth Zadoks and Jose Penades, who organized the symposium, which was funded by the Boyd Orr Centre for Population and Ecosystem Health.

More Information

For‌ more information about SIGBID, including joining our mailing list, please contact Ruth Zadoks.

Robert Davies, Brian Jones and Caroline Millins at the SIGBID Symposium June 2015. Photos by Mary Ryan