Centre members meet regularly, both informally, in semi-structured meetings (through research groups), and formally (through workshops, symposia and conferences organised by the centre and by members of the centre under other umbrellas).

Informal meetings

We have coffee in Gilmorehill daily at 11am, in Garscube on Wednesdays at 11am, and drinks in the pub after work every Friday night.

Research group meetings

We have regular research meetings as part of a variety of different sub-groups:

  • The epidemiology and disease ecology groups meet alternate Thursday mornings in Garscube and the Graham Kerr Building (11am-12pm).  Contact Rodney Beard for more information about the meetings in Garscube and Caroline Millins for more about the meetings in the Graham Kerr Building in Gilmorehill.
  • The diversity research group meets alternate Friday lunchtimes in the Graham Kerr Building (12pm-1pm). Contact Richard Reeve for more information about these meetings.
  • The evolutionary analysis group alternates with the diversity group on Friday lunchtimes (12pm-1pm) in the Graham Kerr Building. Contact Arne Jacobs for more information about these meetings.
  • The Spatial Ecology meetings (organised by Grant Hopcraft / Jason Matthiopoulos / James Grecian) occur every Wednesday morning in the Graham Kerr Building. 

Conferences and other formal meetings

Conferences and other formal meetings

We run and co-organise regular formal meetings under the banner of the Boyd Orr Centre, and other organisations that we are part of. Some of these are organised through Eventbrite. Future meetings include:

And recently, other meetings we have also organised include:

  • mini-symposium on Bovine Tuberculosis, to be held in June 2017 in Glasgow.

Over the last year, we have held a series of meetings funded or co-funded by a BBSRC Global Challenges Research Fund Impact Accelerator Award:

  • "What makes large-scale vaccination programmes work? Exchange of experiences between Latin America and Africa" – A two-day multi-level stakeholder workshop in Arusha, Tanzania in 2017.
  • A knowledge exchange and public engagement impact evaluation workshop held in Glasgow by Eric Jensen in 2017.
  • A multi-level stakeholder workshop addressing the surveillance of bacterial zoonoses, held in Arusha in December 2016.

Previous meetings organised by the Centre include:

Other major meetings we have organised in recent years include a BBSRC-funded 5 week workshop on Biodiversity at the Centre de Recerca Matematica in Barcelona in 2012, including a 5 day exploratory conference, and a 2 day opening event for the centre, organised in 2011.

The Centre also holds research planning meetings every few months.  These are sometimes held at the University field station on Loch Lomond (SCENE).  Contact Richard Reeve if you would be interested in attending the next meeting.