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Psychology (conversion) MSc: Online distance learning

Academic staff

Academic staff

The following academic staff members teach on this programme:

Dr Ian Bushnell

  • Chair of the Division of Occupational Psychology (British Psychological Society) 2014-15.
  • Main areas of interest are in the application of psychology to Employability and Leadership, with a particular interest in Psychopathy and Leadership.

Dr Maria Gardani

  • Dr Maria Gardani obtained her MA (Hons) and Ph.D. in Psychology from the University of Glasgow.
  • She held a post-doctoral fellowship at the University of Glasgow Sleep Centre investigating the transition from acute to chronic insomnia.
  • Main research interests include the relationship between psychological and physiological factors underlying neurological disorders and more specifically traumatic and acquired brain injury. Dr Gardini also works on the association between common post traumatic symptoms (fatigue, depression, insomnia and circadian related sleep disorders) and physical health.
  • Other interests include: sleep wake disturbances following mild traumatic brain injury and sport concussion; association of psychological and personality factors with sleep wake disturbances and insomnia and more specifically coping mechanisms and self-esteem, and sleep disturbances in pre-school children and the association of children's sleep and parental sleep disturbances and mental health.

Dr Kerry Kilborn

  • Dr Kilborn obtained a BA in psychology from the University of Oregon in 1981, and a PhD in psychology from the University of California in 1987.
  • Staff scientist at Max Planck Institute fur Psycholinguistics between 1987 and 1991.
  • Current research interests include psycholinguistic studies of second language learning in adults, language breakdown due to focal brain damage (aphasia) and EEG studies of cognitive function in elderly people.

Dr David Simmons

  • Dr Simmons obtained his first degree: B.Sc. (Hons) in Physics (1st class). (1985) Department of Physics, Imperial College, London and an Associate of the Royal College of Science (ARCS).
  • Dr Simmons obtained his second degree: Doctor of Philosophy (D.Phil.) in Physiological Sciences, (1993) St. Catherine's College, Oxford.
  • Dr Simmons specialises in visual perception, both in his research and in his teaching and is particularly interested in "low-level" vision (i.e. physiological mechanisms). In his research he investigates visual perception using behavioural techniques (quantitative psychophysics).
  • Main research interests include stereopsis and colour vision and particularly the relationship between the two. He has also published articles on spatial vision and texture perception. Additional research interests include visual appearance (especially in medical applications), visual aesthetics and autism.

Dr Georgina Wardle

  • Georgina Wardle is a member of the 'Curriculum, Assessment, and Pedagogy' Research and Knowledge Transfer Group, and she is Chair of Glasgow University Ethics Committee.
  • Georgina's research in developmental social psychology is focused on the cognitive, emotional and social determinants and correlates of the prosocial and antisocial development of pre-adolescent children.
  • Georgina teaches in the School of Education, where she is Programme Leader of the MSc Psychological Studies Programme. She is also responsible for the Developmental Psychology course and she contributes to the PGDE and BEd ITE programmes.