Project Summary

The Assessment and Feedback Project aims to provide the best possible experience of assessment and feedback at UofG, by drawing on excellent and innovative practice from within the University and across the HE sector. Guided by our project vision and design principles, created in collaboration with staff and student representatives, we aim to redesign our approach to supporting assessment and feedback to benefit everyone involved in these activities.

Our Vision

We will develop a sector-leading, evidence-based inclusive approach to assessment and feedback that enables our students to be life-long, self-regulated learners and to actively contribute to assessment and feedback processes.  At the heart of our approach will be meaningful and diverse assessment that is responsive to changes in higher education and the workplace.

Pedagogy and best practice in assessment for learning remain at the heart of this project; our work and the decisions we make will continue to be driven by the values outlined in our vision.

Work to date (January 2021)

We are working to ensure that assessment and feedback processes at UofG are meaningful, iterative, programmatic, and inclusive. We want to ensure that these values are supported by well-developed assessment and feedback literacy and academic integrity. The COVID-19 crisis has necessitated a shift in our focus in the short- and medium-term. We are now concentrating on those changes we can make now (or as soon as possible) to improve the assessment and feedback experience by enhancing the technology we currently use.

  • Based on our previous consultations with staff and students, we have identified several priority areas of assessment and feedback that we would like to improve as soon as possible, without introducing major changes that might require a steep learning curve
  • Our main priority for this project is to deliver some key things to simplify grade calculations for staff and support learning for students.

January 2021

The project team, our critical friends' group, and our proof-of-concept staff from the College of Arts and the College of Social Sciences have made significant progress in developing our new capabilities for assessment and feedback:

  • User Acceptance Testing (UAT)
    Team preparation is now completed for UAT which begins the week commencing 18th January with volunteer testers from across the University taking part
  • Final build & system tests are now complete for each of the 3 technical solutions: Moodle Enhancements, Student Dashboard & Course Grade Capture & Aggregation Tool
  • We now have a draft communication plan for roll-out which includes key activities such as a welcome session, Q&A session, and dedicated training event. This will be shared with schools and personalised where needed to ensure the best possible fit for each area
  • We continue to work on training content and we are currently building a dedicated webpage, writing training scripts and developing a guide. We will share this with our critical friends and proof of concept colleagues to get feedback and any improvement suggestions