Download SafeZone at UofG

The Safezone app is one of our support resources and is designed to help you feel safe and secure while studying here in Glasgow.

The SafeZone app is the quickest and most effective way to get the help you need.

Why I Feel Safe as an International Student in Glasgow

Applied Mathematics student Vaish talks about what makes her feel safe as an international student in #Glasgow. Vaish also explains what services and support the #UniversityofGlasgow provides to help with student safety.

Meet our four Student Bodies at the University of Glasgow

Did you know we have four different student bodies you can join? They are all excited to welcome new and returning students to our friendly, welcoming and diverse #TeamUofG community. Let them tell you how they can support you and help you make the most of your time at UofG.

Welcome to Team UofG!

Welcome to all our new and returning UofG students. Some of our Team UofG community wanted to say hello....

How easy is it to meet new people at university?

Second year undergraduate student Zainab shares her experience of how easy it is to meet new people and make friends at UofG.