New Wellbeing Masterclass Programme Launches

Published: 20 September 2023

To support your wellbeing and help you navigate start of year challenges effectively, we are delighted to have launched our Semester 1 Programme of Wellbeing Masterclasses.

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As we head into the start of a new academic year, things may feel really exciting but also potentially very uncertain too; you may just be starting out on your university journey and everything is new, or you may be transitioning back to studying after the summer break. You might be worrying about how to manage stress as the term progresses, effectively build connections with new people and overcome loneliness or maybe you’re stuck in a cycle of procrastination and need help finding a bit of motivation!

To support your wellbeing and help you navigate these challenges effectively, we are delighted to have launched our Semester 1 Programme of Wellbeing Masterclasses. Our Masterclasses are open to all students, delivered online and cover a wide array of key mental health and wellbeing topics. To learn more about our Masterclasses, the topics covered and how to book please visit on the Counselling Team webpages here.  


Additional Information & Resources 

24/7 Counselling and Advice Line

Here at the University of Glasgow all students also have access to a 24/7 counselling and support service which can be accessed via phone, website or the app to discuss any challenges you're facing. 

Find out more. 

If you are currently using Togetherall please note it will no longer be available to students after midnight 24 September. Health Assured allows us to offer new digital resources, out-of-hours webchat and phone line support.  

Further Services and Support

You can find more information on the Counselling Team webpages, and if you would like to speak to someone about how you’re feeling, there are a number of support services available: 

  1. Your local Student Support Officer can help with signposting you to sources of information, advice and guidance in relation to your studies, your wellbeing and your future lives and careers.
  2. Sharing your experiences with a fellow student may also be helpful, and Peer Wellbeing Support is a confidential, student-led listening service. It allows students to talk and share their problems, and receive support from trained Peer Wellbeing Supporters.
  3. If you are experiencing mental health difficulties that are affecting your ability to function, you can self-refer to our Counselling and Wellbeing Teams via their website for a consultation (remember to check your email regularly, as you will be asked to complete pre-appointment information once you have registered). 
  4. If you are a student living in halls of residence you can contact your Residence Life Team who are on hand for support, welfare issues and signposting. 

The UofG Life app also provides useful links to health and wellbeing resources available to students. You can download the app via Apple Store and Google Play. You can also access the app via the University’s app website.

First published: 20 September 2023

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