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(Content Warning - Gender-based violence)

Dear Students,
We hope you’re well and enjoying the start of semester. Whether you’re new to UofG or a returning student, read on to find out about making the most of your time at UofG.
Recently, we emailed you about the upcoming United Nations Climate Change Conference COP26 which is taking place in Glasgow 31 October-12 November. We are committed to supporting COP26 and its ambitions to tackle climate change. The University will be open throughout, however please be aware that COP26 is going to cause disruption, including road closures and restrictions in the city.
We have been deeply saddened and angered by the horrific deaths of Sabina Nessa and Sarah Everard. UofG medical student Caitlin Stuart-Delavaine has written a powerful article about these terrible acts and that violence against women is not inevitable and should stop being excused as such.
Take care,
Team UofG