Closing Down your Project

Final Reports to Funders

The type of final report to be submitted depends on the funder.  For example Research Councils UK require a report via a system called Researchfish.

Typically, a final report requires the following:

  • Evaluation of the research that was carried out
  • Justification of funds used and;
  • Knowledge Exchange activity that was undertaken during the lifecycle of the research grant

The Project Coordinator assigned to you by your College Research Support Office will guide you through the process.

Final Financial Report

The Project Coordinator assigned to you by your College Research Support Office will help you to generate the final financial report on the finance system, Agresso.

Follow-On Funding 

Below is a list of a few of the major funding agencies providing 'Follow-on',' Pilot Study' or 'Proof of Concept' funding opportunities. We also recommend that you check Research Professional using your Glasgow University email address, to find more funding opportunities.