Research Culture

At the University of Glasgow we are creating an environment that produces research of the highest quality.  Good research happens within a community that supports, incentivises and rewards a positive research culture. 

At the University of Glasgow, we define a positive culture as one in which colleagues

  • are recognised and valued for their varied contributions to research
  • support each other to succeed
  • are supported to produce work that meets the highest standards of academic rigour

All of our actions are aligned to advancing these three key priorities, but a positive culture cannot be achieved in a single step.

Our approach is to focus on a series of actions to further key values, such as research integrity, open research, recognition for varied contributions to research, fair approaches to evaluation and collegiality. These values are now embedded in our promotions and individual performance criteria. 

Our aim is to recognise not just what research is done but also how it is done. 

How will we achieve this?

By introducing:

  1. Aligned incentives and support structures that promote collegiality, credit of contribution, and good practice.
  2. Promotion criteria that reward collegiality and open research
  3. Channels for communicating and celebrating best practice, such as events, awards or working groups
  4. Fair and transparent research evaluation metrics that favour quality over quantity 
  5. Career pathways that support varied roles 

How will we know we are making progress?

  • We will collect quantitative and qualitative data on an ongoing basis, to inform and evaluate actions
  • We will be transparent about metrics and progress against our plan by posting details on this site

Where are we so far? 

Click here to download our Research Culture Timeline May 2021.