Research Culture

Research thrives when researchers feel that they are part of a stimulating, fair, and inclusive environment in which colleagues help each other to succeed.  Advancing our research culture is about recognising the practical changes we can make to the way we do things and embedding these in all our policies and procedures.

At the University of Glasgow, we define a positive culture as one in which colleagues:

  • are recognised and valued for their varied contributions to research;
  • support each other to succeed; and
  • are supported to produce work that meets the highest standards of academic rigour.

Our approach to cultivating a positive research culture has been enshrined in our Institutional Strategic Priorities for Research Culture 2020-2025 

Our areas of focus are: collegiality, career development, research recognition, open research and research integrity.

Our aim is to recognise not just what research is done but also how it is done and to learn from our experiences and share our best practice.

Check out a list of our current and ongoing Research Culture Projects and Progress 2022 and our progress in these areas.