Lord Kelvin / Adam Smith (LKAS)

The University of Glasgow has opportunities for talented researchers, from any discipline, who are either establishing their independent research career (LKAS Fellowships), are starting their first academic position (LKAS Readerships), or who are global leaders in their field (LKAS Professors).

For new applications, the LKAS scheme is currently on hold.

All awarded LKAS fellowships, readerships and professorships and PhD studentships that have been awarded will be honoured. This includes LKAS commitments made on fellowship applications that have been submitted to external funders (this applies only where the fellowship is successful, as per the existing terms of the scheme). Funds can continue to be drawn from budgets allocated to LKAS awardees, in line with the agreed spending profile.

If you have questions about the implementation of these decisions, or about particular cases, then please contact our LKAS team.