University Strategies and Policies

University Strategy

The University’s strategy is outlined in the University Strategy 2015-2020. The University's strategy to deliver impact from research excellence is outlined in its Knowledge Exchange & Impact Strategy

College Strategy

Each College Strategy broadly addresses three objectives:

  • Research funding
  • Knowledge Exchange and;
  • Internationalisation.

Each College is divided into Schools and Institutes, please check the website of your School/Institute for information about their Strategy, please contact the College Research Support office for any specific College policy and strategy queries. 


All of the key policies required for conducting research and interacting with external agencies can be accessed through Our Policies web page. Please contact the Research and Innovation Services ( for further information and guidance.

Please visit the Research Governance web pages for information about the policies and regulations you need to comply with if your research proposal involves working with human subjects. For queries regarding research governance please contact Debra Stuart or Emma Jane Gault

Joint Application with Researchers in Another Institution/Industry

If you plan to submit a collaborative research grant application with researchers from another research organisation or a commercial partner within the UK, Europe or worldwide please contact the Project Coordinator assigned to you by your College Research Support Office who will contact the Contacts Team on your behalf.

If you plan to submit a joint European Union research grant, please contact the Overseas Team who will help you through the process. We recommend that you read the funding agency’s guidelines for submitting a joint application before planning a submission.

Please read the ‘Intellectual Property & Commercialisation Policy before discussing the project details with your collaborators. To comply with the General Data Protection Regulations(GDPR) rules, please use Office 365 to share documents with your collaborators, Remember you can now use Zoom for video conferencing with external collaborators. 

Percentage of Academic Ownership

This represents the percentage of the "intellectual ownership” a researcher has of a particular project. This is not the percentage used to calculate the budget for the departments concerned, but a value used for other purposes, for example, Performance and Development Review and Research Excellence Framework.