Please note that the Project Coordinator assigned to you by your College Research Support Office will calculate costs such as salary costs, costs of estates, and other indirect costs. Where required they can help you in calculating directly incurred and allocated costs this includes equipment cost and costs involved in work with animals. 

Salary Scales, Open Access, Data Storage, Insurance

Types of CostContact

 Salary Scales depending on Job Descriptions

 Project Coordinators assigned by the College Research Support Office 

 Open Access Publication Cost

(where funders allow and do not support an Open Access block grant)

 Open Access Team

 Data storage

Research Data Management Team

 Insurance for research work involving human participants

Debra Stuart (for Clinical trials)

Paul Ellis (for other types of trials)

Other types of cost that you may need to include are usage of research facilities, estates, studentships, statistical services, equipment, computing resources, and waste disposal. The Project Coordinator assigned to you by your College Research Support Office can advise you further on it.

** If your research proposal involves working with NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, the guidance provided on NHS website will help you develop your research proposal. **

Research Facilities

A list of the research facilities and technology services provided by the University can be found here. The links below point to to research area and College-specific facilities.