Research Impact

Planning for Impact

UK research and Innovation (UKRI) define research impact as 'the demonstrable contribution that excellent research makes to society and the economy'.

Examples of the University's research impact are available on the web pages of the Research and Innovation Services (R&I).

Guidance and Support for Impact

Resources and guidance are available on Research Impact web pages. Routes to impact are varied and will depend on the nature of your research. 

For guidance on impact planning activities please contact the Univeristy's Research Impact Manager, Rose-Marie Barbeau at Research and Innovation Services.

College-specific contacts:

  • College of Arts: Fraser Rowan
  • College of MVLS: Local Research Management team 
  • College of Science and Engineering: Lynne McCorriston (Engineering, Psychology), David Nisbet (Computing Science, Mathematics & Statistics, Geographical & Earth Sciences), Linsey Robertson (Chemistry, Physics & Astronomy)
  • College of Social Sciences: Kyle Taggart

Knowledge Exchange

Knowledge Exchange (KE) is the two-way transfer of knowledge, skills, experience and people between academia and non-academic stakeholders.

Support mechanisms for knowledge exchange are listed on the University's Knowledge Exchange and Innovation webpage. 

Public Engagement

Public Engagement (PE) is an area of activity that is encouraged and valued by funders and the University. It provides an opportunity to build confidence and skills in communicating your research to lay audiences. It can also provide unique opportunities to gain valuable insights that influence your research.

If you are seeking support and guidance for PE activities, see the Univeristy's Public Engagement pages. For more information and advice you can contact the University's Public and Community Engagement Advisor Zara Gladman.

You can showcase your research and engage with the public in events such as the Glasgow Science FestivalExplorathon - European Researcher's night or the ESRC Festival of Social Science. 

The College of MVLS has a dedicated MVLS PE team and can be contacted on

Commercialising your Research

The University has Commercialisation and Intellectual Property experts who can give guidance and support to you in the process of transforming your invention into a marketable product or licensing opportunity. 

For more information, please visit the Information for Inventors web page, or see the Business Development Managers for your College.

Licensing your Intellectual Property

For support and guidance on licensing of Intellectual Property please contact Alasdair Street. Please contact the Research Data Management team for licensing of software and data sharing.

Protecting your Intellectual Property

There are many reasons to protect your research. For further information please visit the Ownership of IP web page. Research and Inniovation Services deals with five main types of Intellectual Property:Intellectual Property Basics

Research and Innovation Services can also help with obtaining IP protection.

Please contact the University's IP and Commercialisation Team for information and advice on any issues related to IP.

Developing your Entrepreneurial Skills

Converge Challenge is a programme for research students and staff to develop entrepreneurial skills. For more information and advice please contact the following programme leads: