Managing your Budget

Reallocate your Budget

Please contact the Project Coordinator assigned to you by your College Research Support Office if you require to reallocate cost within your budget.

To check the budget balance, please run the 'Balance Enquiries' query on the finance system (Agresso Front-office version) or contact your Project Coordinator. 

Extending your Project

To extend the duration of a project contact the Project Coordinator assigned to you by your College Research Support Office as soon as possible. You should apply for an extension to the funder 6 months before the end date of the project.

Organise a Conference or an Event

The Conference and Events web pages provide guidance on organising a conference or an event. Hospitality Services provide a variety of menus and wine list.

Please contact the Conference and Events Service for help with arranging a conference or event.

Please inform your College Research Support Office at early stages of planning a conference or an event. 

Book Travel and Travel Insurance

The University Travel web page details:

  • Travel Policy on Insurance, Health & Safety, car hire, visas, field trips, and
  • University‚Äôs contracted travel agencies

The Travel Insurance section on the Insurance and Risk web page has information on the University's travel insurance and access to the online travel insurance form.

Please contact Susan Cruikshank for queries regarding travel insurance.

Making an Expense Claim

Please read the Expenses Guide to know how to make a claim using Core Expense.