Commercialising Your Research

Below is a list of different types of funding schemes you can apply for to transform your research to an enterprising and commercial output. 

For support to apply for these schemes, please contact the relevant College contacts.

Government Funding

There are various Government funding schemes that support a range of activities to drive technology-based innovation and support small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Depending on the development phase of your research idea or concept, you can commercialise your research by applying to any of the appropriate schemes listed below. If you require more information and support on a specific scheme, please contact the designated member of the Research and Innovation Services team.

Spin-out/Start-up Companies & Licensing

The University supports its enterprising researchers to commercialise their research output either throughLicensingco-development and licensing of Intellectual property or supporting setup of a Spin-out/Start-up company.

Please contact Alasdair Street for more information and guidance on University licensing. For advice and information on the University’s support to spinout companies, please contact Mel Anderson.

Pools Engagement in European Research (PEER)

This PEER grant scheme is funded by the Scottish Funding Council to support collaboration between small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and researchers to develop proposals for involvement of Scottish SMEs in European Framework Projects.

If you wish to apply for it and require more information please contact the Research and Innovation Services