Purchasing Equipment, Insurance and Other Services

Purchasing Equipment

If the equipment you are purchasing is valued:

  • At or less than £10k including VAT and Import Duty contact your local Purchasing Officer, details of which can be obtained from the Project Coordinator assigned to you by your College Research Support Office.
  • At more than £10k including VAT and Import Duty visit the Procurement Office web pages to find out about rules for purchasing and preferred suppliers contracted by the University. Contact the Procurement Office for further advice and guidance.
  • For the College of Arts, please copy the College Research Support Office (arts-researchoffice@glasgow.ac.uk) in your email to the Procurement office.

Organising Material Transfer Agreement (MTA)

Please contact the Contracts Team to organise a Material Transfer Agreement (MTA).


Please visit the Insurance and Risk web pages to select the type of insurance you require.

Please contact Susan Cruikshank for insurance queries on the following:

  • Travel
  • Property (including "goods in transit" and "all risks")
  • Student placements and;
  • Liability covers.

For insurance cover on collaborative projects, please contact Ian Thomson.

Other Services

If you are working with animals, radioisotopes, or human tissues please visit the following web pages for more information: