Data Management

It is essential that data management requirements and arrangements are in place at the start of your project and that these comply with your funder's requirements.

The Research Data Lifecycle

‌Research data management refers to the planning, storage, access to and curation of data generated in a research project. This is known as the research data lifecycle. Data can include any digital or physical material required to underpin research outputs.

** The University and many funders require researchers to write a data management plan and to archive their research data online. **

The Research Data Management Team provides advice on any aspect of data management and can help you to manage each stage of the research data lifecycle. They can;

  • Clarify funder requirements
  • Review data management plans
  • Organise training courses and;
  • Manage the Enlighten: Research Data repository.

Please visit the Research Data Management web page or contact them for more information.

Course: Managing your Research Data

We recommend that you attend the course ‘Managing your research data’ run by the Research Data Management Team. The team also offers further training options

Data Files: Storing, Sharing and Remote File Access

The University’s IT Services provide various options for storage and backup of your research data, sharing your data files with your collaborators and remotely accessing your files.

Please contact your local IT Services for support and guidance.

Licensing of Datasets

Please contact the Research Data Management Team for guidance in licensing of datasets and minting Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) for data citation. You can choose to deposit your datasets in a funder recommended repository or the University repository Enlighten: Research Data. You are free to choose a repository that is widely used in your field, or use to find a suitable repository.