Stevenson Building swimming pool

Stevenson Building
Swimming Pool


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UofG Sport offers swimming lessons across a range of skill levels. To find out more, see our Learn2 Swim courses.

Swimming pool etiquette

Entering the Pool

  • Check the signs and choose a lane appropriate to your speed
  • Always let others know you are entering the lane and go in feet first 
  • Wait until other swimmers are clear of the wall before entering


  • Check the direction of the lane and make sure you follow this
  • Always swim complete lengths of the pool
  • Slower swimmers should pause at the wall to allow faster swimmers to pass
  • Faster swimmers should allow slower swimmers as much time as possible before starting
  • Don’t use wide strokes when others are using long strokes
  • Stop only at the wall, and stay in the corner of the lane so that others can turn safely
  • Don’t slip under ropes to move between lanes


  • Faster swimmers should have right of way within the lane
  • If you need to overtake during a length, gently tap feet to signal this
  • Once you have been ‘tapped’ there is no need to stop, but you should move across to the lane rope to allow the pass

Be aware, be polite, communicate.