Muay Thai Boxing

 “Muay Thai” translates to “the art of the eight limbs”. It is a practical and exciting martial art filled with punches, kicks, knees and elbows. It also has an element of clinch fighting which makes it highly applicable in real life self-defence. As the name suggests, it is the cultural martial art of Thailand and dates back several hundred years, developed as a form of close-combat by tribes. It is still one of the most popular and growing martial arts of today for many reasons such as:

-          The great self-defence It provides

-          The success it has had in fighting competitions, such as the UFC

-          It is a fantastic way to keep fit

-          High-energy training techniques making for a fun, rewarding and stress-busting workout!

Our classes blend fitness and technique to suit all abilities and we encourage people of any level of fitness to get involved. This makes it the perfect workout for complete beginners and seasoned fighters alike.

Training part:

Glasgow University Muay Thai (GUMT) is in association with the Everyday Athlete Gym in Glasgow. Our coaches have been teaching Muay Thai and MMA athletes for years. With their vast experience, they can help you reach all your training goals whether it’s throwing your first punch or winning your first fight! GUMT offers top level coaching that is great value for money.

The standard class involves pad work, strength building and aerobic fitness. Sparring classes are also available for those more interested in fighting. The club enjoys a healthy social life with frequent trips to see fights, sample Glasgow’s finest Thai restaurants and bars or just going out for a laugh. So whether you are new to the gym and fancy learning how to throw a punch or a fitness fanatic who wants to try something new, GUMT would love to hear from you!

We train 1-4 times a week, for more information please check out our website, facebook page or feel free to email us. We look forward to hearing from you!

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