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Research Services Directorate

Led by Executive Director Dr Bryony Wakefield, the Research Services Directorate consists of five portfolios working collaboratively to support and enable people working across the research ecosystem.

Research Services Leadership Team

Dr Bryony Wakefield
Executive Director, Research Services


John Harris, Director of ARC Operations
Dr John Harris

Head of ARC Operations


Dr Kay Guccione
Head of Research Culture & Researcher Development


Mary-Beth Kneafsey
Mary Beth Kneafsey
Head of Research Governance, Policy & Integrity


Rose-Marie Barbeau
Head of Research Impact & Engagement


Dr Maria McPhillips
Challenge Programmes Director

Central Support Team

Elaine CookLed by: Elaine Cook

Focus: Support the smooth running of Research & Innovation Services by adapting and responding to the needs of the Research Services Directorate and the Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Engagement Directorate. 

Areas of expertise and support: Meetings and events, budget management, executive support, procurement, estates management, security, communications, and recruitment. 

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ARC Operations

John Harris, Director of ARC OperationsLed by: Dr John Harris

Focus: To develop the policies, protocols and procedures that allow creativity and research to flourish in a highly interdisciplinary environment and to ensure the effective, safe and efficient operation of the Advanced Research Centre.

Areas of expertise and support: Business operations, events & engagement and technical operations.

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Research Culture & Researcher Development

Led by: Dr Kay Guccione

Focus: To ensure every researcher can be at their best and supported to make informed active choices about their development and their career, as part of a stimulating, fair and inclusive environment in which colleagues help each other to succeed.

Areas of expertise and support: Research Culture and Researcher Development

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Research Governance, Policy & Integrity


Mary-Beth KneafseyLed by: Mary Beth Kneafsey

Focus: To empower researchers to conduct research of the highest quality and support them to navigate complicated compliance requirements.  

Areas of expertise and support: Research Policy & PlanningPGR Strategy & Policy, Research Governance & Integrity

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Research Impact & Engagement

Led by: Rose-Marie Barbeau

Focus: To build an engaged researcher community and an impactful research profile by embedding understanding and driving support and recognition for knowledge exchange, engagement and collaboration with external partners, and the generation of research impact. We offer training and advice, administer the Glasgow Knowledge Exchange Fund, and coordinate the University's REF impact submission.

Areas of expertise and support: Research Engagement, Knowledge Exchange, Communications & Impact

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Strategic Research Initiatives

Led by: Dr Maria McPhillips

Focus: To build connections between people and ideas, ideas and opportunities, opportunities and cross-functional support, and between strategic ambitions and operational delivery. 

Areas of expertise and support: Research Initiatives & Funding, International Development Research.

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