EPSRC IAA Mobility Call

The EPSRC IAA at the University of Glasgow is pleased to announce a new call for proposals for mobility projects.

What do we mean by “mobility”?

We want to utilise the EPSRC IAA to enable a two-way, dynamic flow of researchers between academia and external partner organisations through project placements, co-location, and secondments.

This call is specifically aimed at stimulating new project partnerships that involve the mobility of staff between the University and external partner organisations. Mobility projects can involve a member of University staff working on site at the premises of a partner to deliver an innovation, or might involve someone from an external partner working at the university (or even a combination of both). Such projects do not necessarily have to be undertaken on a full-time basis and can involve a fractional time split. Mobility partners can be companies, government agencies, public sector bodies and charities. They can be located in the UK or elsewhere in the world. Funds to cover reasonable travel, subsistence and accommodation costs can be included in the project budget.

Applicants to this call should use the standard IAA application form and can apply for up to £50,000 of funding. In addition to answering the usual questions on the application form please also consider and explain what added benefits the mobility component will bring to the project.

Up to three projects will be funded by this call. Please note that for mobility projects, we can cover the salary costs of the University applicant for the duration of the time that they are working with an external partner. For advice and support on engaging with external partners please talk to the CoSE IAA or Industry Engagement teams. For advice on costing your proposal please contact Jaclyn McCann at jaclyn.mccann@glasgow.ac.uk.

Examples of past mobility projects that we have supported

  • Secondment of a senior member of staff to a local company to develop and implement a new process technology that enabled new products and market access for the company partner.
  • A part-time secondment of a member of staff to a global intergovernmental organisation to produce a set of reports that will inform policy decision-making across the world.
  • Secondment of a post-doctoral researcher from the University into a University spin out company to work on a combination of technological and commercial challenges, contributing to the development of the company’s technology as well as a future business leader.
  • Engineers from a key industry partner working in a university laboratory, taking advantage of access to specialist facilities and university expertise to develop innovative technology in partnership with the University.
  • Secondment of an academic member of staff to work on site at a major UK infrastructure facility to apply University expertise to waste management challenges, leading to significant further funding awards as well as subsequent investment by the partner.

Public sector and charity mobility partnerships

We are particularly keen to support staff mobility between the University and the public sector, charities, and government bodies, particularly in cases where there is strong potential for policy, societal and cultural impacts. In such projects it may be possible for the IAA to cover some costs incurred by the public sector or charity partner during the secondment – please contact the IAA team to discuss this further.

Additional points to note

  • This call is only open to applications from academic staff. Only academic staff can be the PI on proposals to this call. However, the seconded member of staff can be a research associate working under the supervision of the PI.
  • A specific letter of support with a commitment to make a tangible contribution to the project from the external partner is expected.
  • A collaboration agreement with the external partner organisation will be required before the project can commence. Please take this into account when planning the start date of your project – some organisations can be slow to process such agreements. Contact the IAA team and/or the University Contracts Team for advice on this.
  • Visa and immigration status of the proposed secondee must be considered for secondment projects. If you are at all unsure, please contact your local HR Advisor.
  • All other standard IAA guidelines apply. Please see guidelines and application form.


For advice and more information on this call or anything else related to the EPSRC IAA please contact: cose-iaa@glasgow.ac.uk.

Call timeline

  • Call announced – 23 August 2023
  • Mobility Call information session – 20 September 2023
  • Submission deadline – 24 October 2023
  • Proposal review – 25 October to 10 November 2023
  • Successful applicants notified – week commencing 13 November 2023
  • Projects are expected to commence from 1 January 2024
  • Projects must be completed no later than 31 March 2025