What is the EPSRC Grant Reference number for the IAA?

The Grant reference number for the 2022-2025 EPSRC IAA is EP/X525716/1

Is a collaboration partner required for an IAA project?

You are not required to include an external collaboration partner in an IAA project, but it is often desirable. We would however normally expect some form of user engagement to inform your understanding of the needs of the potential innovation users. But sometimes it is not desirable to include an external partner in a project, if for example, it aims to develop IP with the goal of commercialization. In cases where you are working towards spinning out a company or licensing some IP, you might not want to include an external partner because you would risk diluting the IP ownership.

Can partners on IAA projects be located outside the UK?

Partners on IAA projects do not have to be from the UK. They can be located anywhere.

Can PhD students be funded on IAA projects?

PhD students can be costed as Research Assistants on IAA projects, however if they are continuing with their studies at the same time, they can only work 20 hours a week on anything outside of their core research.

Can I apply for IAA funding to extend the contract of my PDRA?

The IAA will not fund projects with the sole aim of extending the contract of an RA or providing bridge funding between contracts. IAA projects should be only be driven by the needs of the opportunity and/or project not the desire to extend someone’s contract.

Can I use funds left at the end of my IAA project for something else or vire it between cost headings?

If you have funds remaining in your IAA project budget that you wish to use please contact cose-IAA@glasgow.ac.uk with a short justification explaining how the funds will be used and how they will enhance your IAA project and further accelerate the route to achieving impact. Viring of funds between budget headings is possible – please contact the IAA Project Manager to arrange this.