EPSRC IAA Projects Funded in 2021

Projects funded in 2021 as part of our 2017-2022 EPSRC IAA.

Standard IAA Projects Awards

AI-driven antenna design exploration software tool development
Dr Bo Liu (PI), Prof Muhammad Imran, James Watt School of Engineering in collaboration with Rescale Inc - £33,000

Panta Rhei: Syndet Characterisation and Process Modelling
Manlio Tassieri (PI), Manosh Paul, James Watt School of Engineering

Location Tracking System for autonomous monitoring of Bulks of Cereal Grain
Hasan Abbas (PI), Qammer Abassi, James Watt School of Engineering

An Intelligent Non-Invasive Real-Time Elderly Activity Recognition System for Next-Generation Healthcare
Qammer Abbasi

An in-depth technical and market assessment for EchoSense
Alex Turpin

Ionic and flow effects in LCoS devices
Nigel Mortram

IndiPiX Technology & Market Assessment
David Cumming; Vincenzo Pusino

In situ eDNA monitoring of planktonic threats to salmon aquaculture using a paper-based PCR device
Martin Llewellyn (PI), Julien Reboud

A Compact Multi-Radiation Detector for Robotic Pipe Inspection in Nuclear Decommissioning
David Mahon (PI), Bjoern Seitz, Rick Gray

Reliability for sustainable electronics
Jeff Kettle

Keltic Pharma PEP-SMOL Drug Discovery Platform
Andrew Jamieson

Scale up of Smart Windows
Emily Draper (PI), David Adams

Novel blades for electric vertical lift
George Barakos

Addressing technical shortfalls and assessing future end-user needs in the treatment of the UK’s civil plutonium
Joy Farnaby

Heartbeat-synchronization-enhanced Aurora microscope
Jonathan Taylor

BioGel Micromechanics
Massimo Vassalli

RFID-enabled location tracking system for autonomous monitoring of bulks of cereal grain
Qammer Abbasi

PDK Development for Cryogenic Electronics
Vihar Georgiev, Tapas Dutta, Asen Asenov

Fast Track Project Awards


Dr Gozel Shakiri, School of Computing Science

CUWiP- employers and employability: engaging industry in the national Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics

Dr Caroline Müllenbroich

Dynamic defects within an LCOS device

Prof Nigel Mottram

Training for Condition Monitoring Offshore Wind Turbine through Machine Learning and CFD

Prof Xiaolei Liu, James Watt School of Engineerin

Research Associate IAA Project Awards

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Other IAA Calls for Proposals - Awards

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