Standard IAA Projects - 2020


Hybrid LoRaWAN and RFID System for Efficient Space Management - Qammer Abbasi, Muhammed Imran

Raising investment for an orthopaedic spin-out - Peter Childs (PI), Manuel Salmeron-Sanchez, Matt Dalby

Dark Materials - Emily Draper

Research Associate Led IAA Projects - 2020

Dynamic testing of single photon avalanche detectors (SPADs) for quantum applications - Scott Watson

Fast Track IAA Projects - 2020

NEAT 1 - Enric Grustan Gutierrez
Opening Up Photonics Workshop - Kirst Annand
The James Watt Nanofabrication Centre @ the Clyde Waterfront Innovation Campus - Sara Diegoli
Travel to KTN Materials Research Exchange 2020 - Hadi Heidari
Participating in the Materials Research Exchange (MRE) 2020 - Rair Macedo
Attendance of Materials Research Exchange, London - Trevor Almeida
Semiconducting Nanostructures for High Performance Large Area Flexible Electronics and Multi-functional dressing for wound healing/monitoring - Dhayalan Shakthivel (PI), Ensieh Seyed Hosseini
Development of next generation tools for single cell nanoindentation measurements - Massimo Vassalli (PI), Manlio Tassieri, Richard P Middlemiss